How the Scarcity Mindset Makes You Overeat

The Dr. Francavilla Show

Sep 11 2023 • 26 mins

In today's episode, we'll be delving deep into the concept of the scarcity mindset, examining its impact on our health, eating habits, and various aspects of our lives.
The scarcity mindset is centered around the belief that we lack something crucial, and this, in turn, affects our decision-making processes.
The influence of this mindset on our eating habits becomes apparent when we find ourselves overindulging during travel experiences or consuming excessive amounts of celebratory treats. We might think, 'I may never have this food again,' and as a result, we overeat, even when we are already satisfied.
But fear not! We don't want scarcity to dictate our choices. Instead, our goal is to transition to an abundance mindset, where we believe there's enough for everyone. To facilitate this shift, I'll be sharing some practical tips, including the practice of mindfulness, recognizing the abundance of opportunities to savor delicious food and special treats, and considering your long-term health goals when making dietary decisions.
By recognizing and addressing the scarcity mindset, we empower ourselves to lead healthier, happier lives. So, be sure to tune in for more valuable insights into health and well-being, and let's embark on this journey from scarcity to abundance together!