Medical Fitness and Strength Training with Jeff Young

The Dr. Francavilla Show

Jul 31 2023 • 32 mins

Whether you are new to exercise or already engaged in fitness activities, this episode will motivate and inspire you to prioritize movement for a healthier and happier life.

In this episode, Jeff Young, a distinguished medical fitness expert with over 30 years of experience, shares his profound insights into the transformative impact of exercise on overall well-being, providing necessary information for ultimate health.

According to him, the significance of exercise for overall health is underscored, with a beneficial impact on every system in the body, be it the muscular, cardiovascular, nervous, skeletal, digestive, hormonal, or mental system. Strength training, in particular, is an area that stands out due to its ability to enhance muscles, the skeletal system, and the nervous system more than any other form of exercise. The concept of exerkines is introduced, where our organs and systems communicate with each other through the release of proteins and hormones during exercise, contributing to various health benefits.

Moreover, most people experience improved well-being after exercise, attributed to the body's natural response to movement.