Politics Part 7: Holy Wars

Sonic Gravity

May 17 2021 • 18 mins

Enter my mind and see ancient history of Israel and its modern echo in the eyes of a madman.

Discover that the crusades were launched in the name of Jesus by the people who wield the very same authority they inherited from their predecessors who murdered him in the first place.

And see, that like King Herod in 2 B.C. terrorized the children of Bethlehem, so too does Benjamin Netanyahu, terrorize the very same children of Bethlehem . . . which is today, or used to be, a time-honored Palestinian settlement.

And be left with the observation, that the cover art of this episode reveals a genocide by 1000 cuts, and the conviction, that if you would act to spare the murder of brown baby Jesus and the rest of Bethlehem's infants, or if you held the Roman authority, like Pontious Pilate, would you act to spare the life of Jesus Christ--and if you would, why aren't we acting to save the Palestinian children being killed in Bethlehem and other areas of Palestine today.