Conscious Intercourse

Armand Kadima

Conscious Intercourse is a transcending dialogue that inspires humanity to consider the impact of the global conditioning of every facet of our lives by religions, schools, governments, healthcare organizations and capitalism. How do we really know that what we know is true?

About the host:

Born in Zaire, the modern-day Democratic Republic of Congo, Armand Kadima and his family, fortunately, left Zaire several years before the first and second Congo wars, also known as the Great War of Africa that claimed the lives of over 5 million people, he was just 10 years old.

5 years after his family realized some sense of normalcy in the suburbs of Williamsville, New York, tragedy struck as Armand lost his father and subsequently his mother to AIDS.

After a promising high school football career, Armand was unable to accept several academic student-athlete scholarships, including one to academically renowned Lehigh University due to his family's pending immigration status at the time. Armand worked odd jobs to support his family the 6 months immediately following his high school graduation.

His family received asylum status due to the rising death tolls in the on-going Congo war, Armand reconnected with his high school football coach, the great coach James ‘Friday' Richards. Coach Friday directed and assisted Armand with walking on to the highly reputable Division II football program at Fort Valley State University.

Armand earned a football scholarship and excelled both in the classroom and on the field until he suffered a horrific knee injury as the starting strong-side linebacker midway through his sophomore season.

With his odds of making it to the pros diminished, Armand switched his major from marketing to accounting as he was advised by his close friend and roommate, David Burns, who passed away in 2010 in a tragic car accident.

Armand received his bachelor's degree in accounting in 2004 and soon after proceeded to learn and lend his expertise to businesses as small as local mom and pops to large Fortune 500 companies such as Enterprise Rent A Car, Comcast, Turner Broadcasting and ThyssenKrupp where he played a pivotal role in launching a state of the art IT Shared Services Division. It was there he gained impeccable knowledge and experience on all of the financial and information technology infrastructure intricacies needed to support and sustain multi-billion dollar organizations.

Through his affiliation with Music Industry Business Management Firm, TSG Financial Management, Armand has had the privilege to work with such talents as Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Usher.

Through the multitude of experiences his life and career have bestowed upon him, Armand is an intuitive accountant, entrepreneur, and visionary. Whether it is bookkeeping, financial reporting, accounting recognition of complex transactions, or deciphering the tax codes, Armand is quite knowledgeable and cherishes the opportunities to be of service to the world.

Armand enjoys spending time with his family and immersing himself in global Financial Technology innovations and learning how they are shaping our future.

After the death of his wife Yolanda “Shiphrah” Kadima in 2020 from complications from a routine cesarean procedure that birthed their 7th and 8th children, Armand he begun question his very existence and the ultimate and inherent meaning of life.

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