Build Your Empire with Organic Social Selling on LinkedIn

Small Business, Big Mindset

Mar 21 2023 • 32 mins

Dan Mott joins the show this week! You might remember that Dan and I, along with Claire Davis and Matt Zaun hosted a weekly live show for entrepreneurs and business leaders called Power Hour. It ran for just about a year or so and we had a blast! So cool to reunite with Dan here.

In this episode, Dan runs us through the 5 principles he's developed for LinkedIn social selling. Here's a quick excerpt:

"You are organically finding them through content and conversation. And now we're no longer strangers on the internet. I like to use the metaphor of LinkedIn as an in-person event. You just came out of a session and you're walking up to the bar to grab a drink, and you see a person next to you ordering the same beer, and you make a comment on that. And then 10 minutes later, you're down to a discussion about how you two are in the same industry and how you could potentially work together. So it's all about this certain aspect of serendipity."

Listen in as Dan gives specifics on how to reach out to potential connections and prospects via LinkedIn tools and tactics.

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