Stop Writer's Block: How to Never Wonder What to Write Again

Small Business, Big Mindset

Feb 17 2022 • 10 mins

We've all been there.

That darn blinking cursor. It's like it's taunting you, "Look at this big, blank page. You'll never figure out what to write. Such a waste of time. Loser."


This week I go over 15 ways you to always know what to write. I'm finally recording this episode because one of the most common things I hear from people is that they have no idea what to write about, especially when it comes to their business.

As well, you don't ALWAYS want to be strictly talking about your business, at least not in a way that it comes across that way.  Ideally, you'll make a connection to your audience... I always say to have an ongoing conversation with your audience - a copy as a conversation.

You may be like, "Okay, great,  I know how to talk about my product. But what else do I talk about? I'll tell you! Listen in for a few ways (15 to be exact) to keep the writing topic ideas coming.

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