Valley of Shadows Deepens the Walk with Jesus with Tess Wolthuis

American Reformation

Mar 13 2024 • 1 hr 1 min

When Tess Wolthuis and I sat down to talk, the air buzzed with an unmistakable charge of both joy and solemnity. Tess, a beacon of faith and unity within the American Church, and a treasured family friend who stood by my wife in her darkest hours, brings a perspective on discipleship that is as refreshing as it is profound. Our conversation wove through the fabric of community, identity challenges in today's youth, and the profound impact of parenting guided by grace and truth. You're about to step into a heart-to-heart where the stakes are eternal, and the victories, like Tess's daughter's D1 Beach Volleyball successes, are celebrated with genuine delight.

Have you ever considered how trials, like a cancer diagnosis, might deepen your spiritual roots and reforge familial bonds? The journey is never easy, but Tess and I open up about our personal walks through the valley of shadows and how facing mortality has the paradoxical power to ignite a fiercer zest for life and faith. We then cast our gaze outward, to the collective experience of the church, discussing the invaluable role of community in sustaining and enriching our relationship with Jesus, and how practices like journaling and physical exercise serve as the backbone for personal and spiritual fortitude.

As the episode unfolds, we traverse the rich and complex terrain of caring for the mind and body as an act of worship, understanding our physical selves as temples for the Holy Spirit. Tess's engaging narrative will inspire you to consider how nurturing your gifts, like hospitality, can profoundly contribute to the Kingdom. Finally, we stand in awe of the American Reformation's spirit, a call to action that is both a reflection of divine love and a roadmap for leading others from darkness to light in the embrace of Jesus as our Sovereign King. Join us on this transformative journey, where each step taken is a step closer to the radiant light of Christ.

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