Zero Guesswork - Deploy a Virtual Sales Assistant in your Agency Smoothly

Virtual Assistant - The Agency Growth Machine

Sep 22 2021 • 21 mins

You're a digital marketing agency owner and you're ready to hire your first sales assistant.
Building your own sales force is a lot of work:
What do you need to know? How much does it cost? Who should I hire? And how much time will they take away from my day-to-day tasks?! We've got all the answers!

We are a placement agency that builds virtual assistants for other agencies - saving them time and money while giving their teams access to market competitive talent in digital marketing, sales, and account management.
We call these the 3 key roles:

  • Virtual Marketing Assistant
  • Virtual Sales Assistant
  • Virtual Account Manager

Tune into this podcast for tips on hiring,  onboarding, and training virtual sales assistants to run your sales department smoothly.