How Rick James Built a 7 Figure Agency by Following his Passion in under 4 years

Virtual Assistant - The Agency Growth Machine

Jan 3 2023 • 58 mins

Meet Rick James owner of - A digital marketing agency that focuses on lead generation, nurturing, and development.

Leaving his 9-5 behind, he set out on a mission to pursue the all-American Dream confident that his skillset could outperform anyone.

His agency journey was rewarding, as he was able to scale to $1 Million in just 4 years.

Ever wondered how to skyrocket your success in the agency world?

Rick has the answer:

- Hone a perfect sales pitch and confidence
- Prove yourself as invaluable by displaying what you can do best,
- Create resourceful partnerships for immense growth
- AND deliver top-notch service & execution every single time.

Now THAT is surefire advice!

Watch this Podcast for an inspiring session on how you can leverage confidence and the right skillset to outshine your competitors.

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