Kimberly Driggins on Moving at the Speed of Trust - Chief Influencer - Episode # 038

Chief Influencer

Feb 14 2024 • 42 mins

Kimberly Driggins is the Executive Director at Washington Housing Conservancy (WHC), which is pioneering the transformation of urban landscapes in the D.C. region. With a keen focus on creating thriving, inclusive, mixed-income communities, Kimberly's leadership at WHC since its inception in 2019 has been nothing short of revolutionary.

With a stellar background in urban planning and real estate development, including pivotal roles as Director of Strategic Planning for the City of Detroit and Associate Director for Citywide Planning for the District of Columbia, Kimberly brings unparalleled expertise to the table. What truly sets Kimberly apart is her tireless commitment to uplifting community and residents' voices and her innovative approach to placemaking. As a board member of the National Landing Business Improvement District and former Chairperson of the Gehl Institute, Kimberly's influence transcends conventional boundaries, shaping cities for the people, by the people.

In this episode, you'll gain invaluable insights from Kimberly as she joins Host Anthony Shop to share her groundbreaking tactics for redefining urban spaces. From her strategic vision to her hands-on experience and how she helps create inclusive communities that thrive and inspire.


  • Engage the community and be consistent. A consistent presence and genuine commitment are crucial when rebuilding trust in communities. Showing up in-person and making meaningful connections over time builds trust.
  • Trust your gut and take risks. Stepping out of one's comfort zone, coloring outside the lines, and going against the grain can have an incredibly transformative effect.
  • Leaders must be humble and empathetic, understanding that sometimes they must take responsibility for past injustices or mishaps, even if they were not directly involved.
  • Celebrating small wins while working towards the long game is crucial for building trust and motivating stakeholders, thereby creating lasting change.
  • One of the keys to influence in the urban redevelopment and placemaking sphere is the effort to expand the definition of affordable housing. By making it more inclusive, it can be able to change perceptions and invite innovative solutions.
  • Translate bold visions into tangible goals that various stakeholders can understand and rally behind. Kimberly emphasizes the critical role this translation plays in enabling her to implement innovative solutions in her work, hence showing the need to communicate effectively and convincingly.

Quote of the Show:

  • “You can only move at the speed of trust.” - Kimberly Driggins
  • “I really believe in being true to my word and living my values.” - Kimberly Driggins


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