Highlighting Key Insights Shared By Our Guests - Chief Influencer - Episode # 012

Chief Influencer

Aug 16 2023 • 12 mins

In this special episode of Chief Influencer, we wanted to highlight some of the key insights that our amazing guests have shared in their conversations with Host Anthony Shop. We hope you enjoy this curated selection of moments from each of our first eleven episodes!

A Few Key Takeaways:

  • “I believe all people need to have that voice and all people need to feel seen and represented from a stage.” - Luke Frazier, Founder and Music Director of The American Pops Orchestra - Episode #001
  • When you discover a new insight, it’s better to share it freely with others rather than hide it behind a paywall. As you become a source of knowledge, your influence in your niche will expand. Even if your competitors draw from your research, it only shows the value of your work.
  • Take a hands-on approach to your social media presence and activity. Avoid simply handing over the keys to someone else. By logging in, liking, and engaging personally, you can maintain authenticity and connect with your audience.
  • Many public-facing leaders avoid going live with their constituents as they are afraid of making a mistake and tarnishing their image. When Rob Sand, Iowa State Auditor, live-streams, he focuses on being himself, something that people really connect with.
  • Leaders need to be storytellers every day of their lives, throughout meetings, introductions, etc. To be a great storyteller, you must be clear, concise, and compelling. Your stories should convey what you’re doing, what you want to make, and who you are.
  • “Thrive because of who you are, not despite it” - Danica Roem, Member of the Virginia House of Delegates - Episode #007
  • Put faith in people who society may have left behind. Your feelings towards someone should not be based entirely on the worst thing they’ve done, nor should they be based entirely on the best deed they’ve ever performed.
  • “If there's not a seat for you at the table, grab a chair” - Nedra Dickson, Managing Director and Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Lead at Accenture - Episode #005

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