Ghida Dagher on Empowering New American Leaders - Chief Influencer - Episode # 039

Chief Influencer

Feb 21 2024 • 43 mins

Ghida Dagher, President and CEO of New American Leaders, leads the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering immigrants, refugees, and their allies. Their mission is to provide the necessary tools for these individuals to realize their full potential and contribute to a more inclusive democracy. Whether through running for and holding elected office or engaging in civic action, Ghida and her team amplify immigrant voices, bringing them to the forefront of American politics.

Ghida's journey and career reflect a deep understanding of both struggle and opportunity, shaped by her multicultural background. Ghida firmly believes that her immigrant roots ground her, while her American experience propels her forward. Passionate about empowering underrepresented communities, Ghida has spearheaded numerous political campaigns, launched impactful policy initiatives, and served in Michigan, notably in Governor Whitmer's Executive Office as the Director of Appointments. Throughout her career, she has tirelessly worked to create opportunities and foster leadership within BIPOC and new American communities.

Ghida's dedication and achievements have not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized by publications such as Crain's Detroit Business and Arab American News. Most recently, the Carnegie Corporation of New York honored her as a "Great Immigrant, Great American," cementing her legacy as a trailblazer in the field of immigrant empowerment and civic engagement.


  • Leaders must genuinely incorporate voices from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences into their spheres of influence, considering these perspectives in decision-making. The idea is to have these voices at the table and ensure they are heard and impact outcomes.
  • Authentic storytelling is a crucial element. Personal narratives and lived experiences could engage audiences more effectively than traditional, often impersonal, communication methods. By sharing authentic stories, leaders stand a better chance of forging meaningful connections and motivating and inspiring their audiences.
  • Leaders must embrace change, even when it brings unforeseen challenges. This involves altering the status quo, and leaders must prepare for the consequences of upsetting established norms.
  • Effectively using social media platforms is crucial and essential in making elected officials more accessible and relatable. Sharing experiences, engaging in authentic communication, and promoting representation.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Immigration is part of the origin story of America. It was yesterday, it is today and it will be tomorrow.” - Ghida Dagher.


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