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Emily Bateman and Kate Koballa

Emily Bateman, a millennial woman who never got into Game of Thrones, finally sits down to watch and analyze each consecutive episode of the popular HBO show. With the help of her sister, Kate Koballa, and sometimes a guest, Emily tries to figure out what the heck is going on in the show, why it was so popular at the time and who is actually going to win the game of thrones (if there actually is a winner at the end). read less
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Ep. 75 - Recap and Review
Apr 24 2024
Ep. 75 - Recap and Review
This week on Game of Groans, Emily and Kate talk about Game of Thrones as an entire series, Emily's prior "knowledge" of GOT, as well as some links and videos pertaining to GOT.They discuss Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie's wedding, the Coldplay Game of Thrones Musical, practical effects and sets, vaguely European accents, murder butterflies and plot hole poison. Additionally, Emily realizes that she predicted Dany being a bad guy years earlier and Kate presents her article book report.New episodes biweekly, the next episode is coming May 7th. Music is by Simon Daum.Support us on Patreon!  Become one of our Patrons at's Socials - @koballabateman (Insta), @koballabateman (Twitter)Kate’s Socials - @ophelia5wims (Insta), @ophelia5wims (Twitter)Instagram - @gameofgroanspodFacebook - - @gameofgroanspodWebsite - www.gameofgroanspod.comEmail - gameofgroanspod@gmail.comLinks covered in episode:Coldplay GOT Musical: Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing: Harrington and Rose Leslie’s Wedding: ·· Plot Holes Article: GOT Had to Shoo Away Its Direwolves: 10 Things That Don't Hold Up: the Show.