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Tom Tolkien

The School Reading List Podcast - presented by Tom Tolkien. In each episode, we recommend new and classic children's and young adult books.

Episode 1
Jul 19 2022
Episode 1
School Reading List podcast hosted by Tom TolkienSeason 1: Episode 1For transcripts, links to all the books featured, resources, show notes and contact details, click here: one.Book post:Noodle the Doodle Wins the Day by Jonathan MeresThe Whale Watchers by Dougie PoynterA Darkness at the Door by Intisar KhananiThe Silver Chain by Jion SheibaniQueen of the Classroom by Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley-NewtonOrla and the Wild Hunt by Anna HoghtonCarnival of the Hunted by Kieran LarwoodBirdsong by Katya BalenSunflower Sisters by Monika Singh Gangotra and Michaela Dias-HayesHetty and the Battle of the Books by Anna JamesPicture Perfect by Serena PatelOxygen Mask by Jason ReynoldsRundown - top 30 children's and YA book to buy in July 2022:Bad Things Happen Here by Rebecca BarrowWild Summer: Life in the Heat by Sean TaylorThe Friendly Mammoth by Anna Terreros-MartinOnce Upon a Fever by Angharad WalkerRewilding: Bringing Wildlife Back Where It Belongs by David A. SteenCarnival of the Hunted by Kieran LarwoodBirdsong by Katya BalenNever Forget You by Jamila GavinThe Misunderstandings of Charity Brown by Elizabeth LairdThe Roar by Eoin McLaughlinOrla and the Wild Hunt by Anna HoghtonQueen of the Classroom by Derrick BarnesTag, You're Dead by Kathryn Foxfield21% Monster by P.J. CanningThe Mermaid Call by Alex CotterSmall! By Hannah MoffattThe World's Wildest Places: And the People Protecting Them by Lily DyuSmall Town Pride by Phil StamperThe Fire Cats of London by Anna FargherThe Day No One Woke Up by Polly Ho-YenBilly and the Pirates by Nadia ShireenLifesize Baby Animals by Sophy HennBritish Museum: So You Think You've Got It Bad?  by Chae StrathieA Gangster Stole My Trunks by Tom VaughanAli Cross: The Secret Detective by James PattersonCan You Feel the Noise? By Stewart FosterArtists: Inspiring Stories of the World's Most Creative Minds by DKHappy Times! By Michael ForemanHetty and the Battle of the Books by Anna James Lands of Belonging: A History of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Britain by Donna and Vikesh Amey Bhatt.Outside Chance by Anthony KesselIt's Tough to be Tiny by Kim WoolcockJuly 2022 books of the month:Fiction: Oxygen Mask by Jason ReynoldsNonfiction: A Seed Grows by Antoinette Portis Picture book: Five Bears by Catherine RaynerPart two.Time traveling to a world of second hand books. In this episode we feature children's adventure author Willard Price. Part three. When is a quote not a quote? A journey through the strange corridors of social media.Credits and licensing.All sound effects and background music clips are correctly licensed for use on this podcast. See our licensing audit: the show