The Truth About Success - Episode 12 (Feat: Jeff Reigle)

The Truth About Success

Aug 3 2022 • 59 mins

The time has come! The season finale of The Truth About Success has been released and it’s an episode you won’t want to miss.  On the season finale of The Truth About Success, we're very excited to welcome Jeff Reigle, Chairman of the Board at Regal Ware, for a great conversation. Jeff shares his truths about success following nearly 30 years as the company’s President & CEO. If you're striving for personal and financial success, Jeff will leave you with numerous considerations to incorporate within your life! Timecodes: 01:06 - Introduction and overview on today's guest 3:00 - Introducing Jeff Reigle to the show 3:25 - Why Jeff invests in people 6:45 - Jeff's upbringing within the Reigle family 10:50 - Why Jeff never went back to get an M.B.A. 11:40 - Entering the family business and his path to becoming President & CEO 17:45 - Advice to those running family businesses in today's day and age 27:02 - Jeff's greatest achievement within his career 32:10 - Why people tend to make big issues out of small issues 38:06 - You either pay for success or you pay for failure 44:04 - Advice for someone starting their first business 48:07 - Jeff's activities in the community and outside of business 52:40 - Jeff's ability to empower his employees to bring out the best within them 56:04 - Closing remarks Connect with Ayo Olaseinde: (Facebook) (The Success Network)