The Truth About Success - Episode 8 (Feat: Susannah Schofield)

The Truth About Success

Jan 16 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

In the latest episode of The Truth About Success, we welcome the CEO & Founder of Pitch Sports, Susannah Schofield, to discuss her professional experiences and her own definition of success. Susannah is the recipient of the prestigious OBE, which is the Officer of the Order of the British Empire, and it's awarded to individuals who have made major contributions at a local level, or whose work has gained a national profile. In addition to her work with Pitch Sports, Susannah is also the Director General of the Direct Sales (DSA), a published author, and grew through the ranks of Royal Mail. This is an episode you won't to miss! So sit back, relax, and enjoy another great conversation surrounding success! Timecodes: 0:06 - Overview on our guest of the day 1:21 - Welcoming Susannah Schofield to the show 1:42 - Her role and experiences with Direct Sale across the United Kingdom 5:05 - Becoming the CEO & Founder of Pitch Sports and what Pitch is all about 9:03 - Characteristics Susannah sees throughout successful people 10:38 - Where does determination and belief in yourself come from? 12:08 - Susannah never had a clear path forward for herself 19:54 - Susannah's qualifications and how she earned them over the years 23:45 - Her response to the mindset of staying where you are 29:31 - Failure is a part of finding success 34:47 - Experiencing. direct sales is a great transition into the business world 41:30 - How Susannah deals with leadership as a woman in sports 49:40 - Receiving the honor of OBE from the Queen 54:08 - Her two tips for someone starting out and seeking success 58:51 - Susannah's favorite food 1:00:22 - Closing remarks Connect with Ayo Olaseinde: (Facebook) (The Success Network)