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Welcome to Data-Driven Real Estate Podcast: the podcast for real estate professionals dedicated to driving success in their business using data. Expect insights into data-driven sales, hyperlocal marketing, industry trends, and entertaining stories from industry leaders. We cover everything about data and real estate to make you a smarter, more successful data-driven real estate pro. Even if you’re new and data curious, you’re going to love it!
Spencer Rascoff, Co-founder of Zillow, Pacaso, dot.LA, and 75andSunny #DDRE43Wall Street Institutional Investors and Scaling Business with Tommy Christy, ILoveHouses.com #DDRE42
Apr 22 2021
59 mins
Pandemic Real Estate Investing Opportunities with Melissa Shea #DDRE41
Melissa Shea is the CEO of a Real Estate Integrated Company - Everyday RE Group, the President of the LIREIA (Long Island Real Estate Investors Association), has a NY brokers license, a licensed commercial lender for Everyday Funding, and EXIT Realty regional owner for Connecticut and Rhode Island. She has been an experienced Real Estate investor for the past 15 years and has raised over $35 million for real estate projects. She is committed to helping the homeless and is a mother of 8 children. On this week's show, Melissa shares how divorce helped her get further into real estate, her unusual launch into owning LIREIA and mentoring, her mix of flips and holds, and how opportunity is emerging in states like New York and New Jersey due to the pandemic response. Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-41​00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Melissa Shea CEO of Real Estate Integrated Company and President of Long Island Real Estate Investor Associations (LIREIA)00:45​ From divorce to running a REIA, Melissa's unusual path into real estate investing07:00​ Melissa's unexpected entry into mentoring and the important of action10:37​ The mix of flipping and buy and hold properties12:26​ Where is flipping best?14:33​ The number one skill she tries to teach her agents that has been a key source of her success17:41​ How New York's tenant rules has impacted local land lords and potential opportunity in struggling landlords34:30​ What data does Melissa use in identifying buy-and-hold real estate markets?42:02​ What real estate strategies is she currently focusing on?43:23​ Reverse mortgage strategies for real estate investors.
Apr 15 2021
51 mins
Finding Your Niche in Real Estate with John Schaub #DDRE40
John Schaub has prospered during seven recessions, numerous tax law changes, and interest rates ranging from under 3% to 16% in his 40+ years as a real estate investor. His 2005 best-selling book, Building Wealth One House at a Time, has helped 100,000+ real estate enthusiasts on their way to successful invest­ing. This week we discuss how John started in the business and why he landed on more expensive inventory at higher price points for rentals. We learn how he identifies his perfect deals and why self-management is important.Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-40​00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes John Schaub00:31​ When did John started in the real estate business03:47​ What changes were made to the latest edition to "Building Wealth One House At A time"04:07​ Buying more expensive houses in better neighborhoods for rentals08:13​ What attributes make up the perfect lot?14:17​ When is the best time to sell real estate?17:42​ What is a shared appreciation agreement?19:30​ Does John use public records to find deals?22:55​ Is debt a good idea for real estate investors at such low rates? 23:54​ Is now a good time to buy real estate29:07​ Building relationship with tenants and tips on finding great ones35:07​ Is self-management critical for real estate investors?37:03​ What advice do you have for new investors just getting into the business? 50:02​ John's charity work in housing
Apr 8 2021
54 mins
Land Investing and Sales with Jeff Tumbarello #DDRE39Multifamily Accessory Dwelling Units with Retrofit1 #DDRE38
Retrofit1 is a California design and build construction firm specializing in soft-story retrofitting and commercial accessory dwelling units. California ordinances are currently targeting specific residential and commercial properties with structural designs that don’t do well in earthquakes. ADUs are all the rage for residential properties, but most don’t know the state allows commercial owners to add additional units on-site as well. Stack the ADU strategy with retrofitting and you've got a very interesting opportunity at play. This week, we are joined by David Tashroudian and Helen Fower with Retrofit1 to better understand the opportunity, what California law outlines in the rules about commercial and multifamily ADUs, and ways to find them in your local market.Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-38​00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Helen Fower and David Tashroudian of Retrofit101:09​ Commercial and multifamily accessory dwelling units? 02:54​ What is commercial retrofitting?08:05​ What is an accessory dwelling unit?09:28​ What does the California ADU ordinance say about ADUs for commercial and multifamily properties?13:43​ What building type is uniquely suited for ADUs? 18:10​ Case study of the C-shaped soft-story apartment with tuck-under parking replaced with two new ADU units21:00​ Is the soft story ordinance local or statewide?24:22​ Earthquake brace and bolt program27:38​ If a building is currently under rent control, will a newly build ADU also be rent-controlled or at market rates? 29:37​ Any insights on builder codes for commercial spaces?33:53​ What's the minimum square footage of an efficiency unit?38:11​ Can manufactured housing and tiny homes work as ADUs?40:21​ How does Retrofit1 connect with their ideal client? 43:51​ Tips on dealing with the tenants before they begin with the construction on ADUs52:05​ How to get in contact with Retrofit1
Mar 18 2021
53 mins
Tax Lien Investing and Land Banking with Sean Walker, Response #DDRE37
Sean Walker is an experienced real estate investor that has done thousands of flips using strategies including land banking and tax liens. He’s strategically used data to grow his business over the years, even when it involved painfully combing through microfiche data with a pen and paper. Learn how Sean selects the areas to invest, strategies he's deployed, what he's doing today, and how he's used data to uncover the opportunity.Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-37 00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Sean Walker of Response.com02:02​ Sean's unusual path into real estate investing07:16​ Over 3,500 tax lien and $30 million in tax lien investing and what made it possible (hint: data!) 10:00​ Example of costly mistakes in data12:24​ Land banking, timing, and sourcing land14:11​ Seller financing land for investors and consumers 18:24​ Data clues in identifying potential markets to invest20:54​ Desperate for data, Sean's plan to get more to avoid costly land mistakes and speed up drive-bys22:22​ From microfiche to today, how the data game has changed30:50​ What data are they looking at to decide on which property is a good investment30:50​ What data does Sean look at in a down cycle like the Great Recession33:19​ The mistake investors make with CAP rates42:18​ How does Sean explore other markets for investments and not in his backyard? 43:44​ The 100 tiny home project with containers53:12​ Ways to build relationships with money investors57:37​ The painful past of data curation, microfiche, and messy public records collection
Mar 11 2021
59 mins
Taxes for Real Real Estate Investors 2021 with David Erard, Armanino #DDRE36Real Estate Marketing with Dawn Perry, Realogy #DDRE35
Dawn Perry is Senior Vice President of Cross Brand Strategic Marketing at Realogy Holdings Corp. She leads cross-brand marketing initiatives for Realogy including the integration of marketing, communication, brand advertising, and other strategic partnerships across the Realogy family of brands. This week, Dawn shares details on how one of the world's largest real estate brands is investing in marketing and technology, how consumers are driving the conversation around ibuying and bridge programs, and how agents in 2021 are staying in front of their hyperlocal clients to grow business. Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-35​ 00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Dawn Perry, Senior Vice President of Cross Brand Strategic Marketing at Realogy01:52​ What is Realogy? 03:13​ How Realogy's multiple brands connect with consumers?06:58​ How does an agent stay connected with a buyer after the close to nurture that relationship?09:45​ Realogy's investment in technology and Productivity Hub15:35​ What data does Realogy leverage to help brands and brokers? 17:47​ Realogy's ibuyer program, RealSure, and other consumer-driven trends25:17​ Where are real estate leads coming from in 202137:13​ Team trends in real estate39:59​ What does it take to be a successful individual agent?42:33​ How did COVID change the buyer's journey and needs?46:25​ Three rebrands and how agents and consumers are reacting51:40​ What should agents stop doing and start doing in 2021.
Feb 25 2021
58 mins
Senior Housing, Ding-Bat Rentals, and Accessory Dwelling Units with Ward Hanigan #DDRE34
Feb 18 2021
58 mins
iBuyers trends and strategy in 2021 with Stefan Peterson, Zavvie
Stefan Peterson is COO and Co-Founder of Zavvie, the brokerage source for a complete iBuyer strategy. Zavvie curates offers from ibuyers, bridge, renovation, and rental home investor buyers so brokers and agents can present a number of options to clients. In this week's episode, Aaron and Stefan discuss how the ibuyer game has changed, how Covid has changed offers, which markets they operate in and why, the pain points proptech companies are solving, the business models of each proptech segment, and how agents can leverage these offers with clients. Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-3300:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Stefan Peterson, Co-founder Zavvie00:06​ What is Zavvie and what does it do?03:00​  What is an iBuyer?14:08​ What is a bridge buyer and how does it compare to an ibuyer like Opendoor, Zillow, Offerpad and Redfin?20:17​ What are single-family rental buyers like Cerberus and American Homes 4 Rent?25:53​ What are renovation I buyers like HomeVestors?29:56​ How long does it take to collect all ibuyer offers and present them to sellers?35:51​ How have iBuyer offers changed over the past 12 months? What are the discounts and how do they write their offers?38:38​ Options for brokers and agents without an in-house ibuyer platform43:23​ Advantagaes of the iBuyer hybrid model with major real estate brands like Realogy and Keller Williams49:42​ Can Main Street real estate investors get listed on Zavvie as a qualified buyer?52:31​ Proptech trends and brands to watch in 2021?
Feb 11 2021
57 mins
Accessory Dwelling Units with Kristi Cirtwill #DDRE32
Kristi Cirtwill moved from Toronto, Canada to Long Beach, California in 2007 to start a full-time rehab/re-sell business. Since 2008, she has purchased over 250 houses in Southern California, and her specialty is buying “hoarded houses”. Her current projects include a lot-split and build-out of four houses in Los Angeles, as well as building multiple Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Kristi currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys outdoor activities, playing her guitar, good food and wine, and visiting her family in Canada.Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-32​00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Kristi Cirtwill, President, Cirwill Investments04:32​ What is an ADU? JADU?05:54​ What's the difference between and ADU and JADU?09:04​ What is a cramlord09:38​ How to spot a spot a good property to build an ADU?13:18​ How did Kristi get started with ADUs?18:00​ How much does it cost to build and ADU? Stick build or manufactured?26:14​ How to maximize livable space in ADUs?30:07​ How do tenants on properties with ADUs handle mail?32:06​ How are utilities managed on properties with ADUs? 33:44​ Horror story of lot split plus ADUs42:34​ What is liquefaction? Mistakes that cost so much extra money when building ADUs. 46:51​ What is upzoning? Why is this such a huge opportunity for real estate investors? 49:12​ How are properties with ADUs appraised?52:21​ Investing in hoarder homes
Feb 4 2021
56 mins
Real Estate Investing in 2021 with Mike Cantu #ddre31
Mike Cantu is undoubtedly one of Southern California’s best-known real estate investors. He’s been a full-time real estate investor and real estate entrepreneur for over 35 years. Mike runs a buy/sell business as well as managing a portfolio of rental houses out of Southern California. He’s the author of Don’t Get Voted Off Real Estate Island and Rental Properties and Management From A to Z. Prior to real estate, Mike was a professional skateboarder on the Pepsi Skateboard team from 16 to 21 years old. This week, we talk about Mike's continued love of real estate, his favorite deal sources, managing his rental portfolios, how the market has changed, and strategies he's using in 2021 to buy deals in his back yard. Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-3100:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Mike Cantu, California real estate investor00:06​ Why Mike still loves the game of real estate03:29​ The important difference between investing in houses vs. homes06:37​ How to find real estate deals in 2021 12:13​ Real estate flipping, wholesaling, and rentals. What's the mix? 14:27​ Wholesaling and creating a buyers list19:03​ Understanding the tax ramifications when you flip and hold21:26​ Why Mike still buys real estate. Appreciation, depreciation, or both?24:45​ What is the average length of stay for tenants?27:00​ How has Mike's landlord style impacted his rental portfolio during COVID?32:06​ How Mike acquired his first rentals?32:47​ What is subject to investing?36:16​ Single-family homes or multifamily property investing?38:43​ How has marketing mix changed over the past decade to get real estate deals? Direct mail still work?44:29​ Are creative financing deals possible these days?48:49​ Advice for new real estate investors51:52​ People problems vs property problems
Jan 28 2021
1 hr 1 min
Real Estate Direct Mail Trends 2021 with Andy Detwiler PRINTgenie #DDRE30
Jan 21 2021
57 mins
Apartment Investing trends 2021 with the National Multifamily Housing Council #ddre29
Jan 14 2021
1 hr 2 mins
Trustee Sale Investing After SB1079 with Greg Clark, Green Leaf Properties #ddre28
Greg Clark is a Bay Area professional football player turned trustee sale investor. He and his brother have successfully flipped over 400 properties over the past 17 years. California's SB 1079 went into effect on January 21, drastically changing the risks associated with trustee sale foreclosure investing. In this show, Sean and Aaron explore alternatives for trustee sale investors looking for other opportunities and ways they can bring their very unique skills (chocolate) to other strategies, right here in California.  Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-28 Trustee sale investor clients, please feel free to use the community for questions. Also email support@propertyradar.com to reach Sean. 00:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Greg Clark, of Green Leaf Properties.01:24 Greg's journey from a professional football player to trustee sale buyer06:25 The importance of data in the trustee sale game09:56 How SB1079 and the redemption period is impacting real estate investors?17:26 California rents are the lowest in the nation?23:01 What will strategies will trustee sale buyers use if they exit foreclosure investing?24:48 Importance of title research, risks, and how that translates to other opportunities26:34 Unique skills that trustee sale buyers bring to other strategies30:40  How many houses a trustee sale buyer researches to buy just one investment33:26 Leveraging existing systems into new strategies46:33 Working with wholesalers and where to find them42:38 Have they tried to jump to other states?53:04 Driving for dollars and finding real estate deals
Jan 7 2021
1 hr 9 mins
Real Estate Predictions 2021 with Daryl Fairweather, PhD, Redfin #ddre27
Daryl Fairweather is the chief economist of @Redfin. Prior to joining Redfin, she was a senior economist at Amazon working on problems related to employee engagement and managing a team of analysts. During the housing crisis, Daryl worked as a researcher at the Boston Fed studying why homeowners entered foreclosure. This week, we cover migration trends, what buyers are looking for in a new city, which pandemic real estate trends (like work from home) are here to stay, and what real estate professionals should know about trends in 2021.Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-2700:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Daryl Fairweather, PhD, Chief Economist of Redfin00:59 What is Redfin and Redfin Concierge?04:05 Foreclosure crisis in 2021?05:25 COVID-related migration and real estate prices12:14 What real estate trends in 2020 were surprising?13:24 What is behavioral economics?19:23 Gen Z and Y trends in real estate?24:06 Is work from home the new normal? 29:50 What are people looking for when they move to a new city? 35:43 Are there any specific criteria that people look for when buying a home?37:03 What real estate trends should we expect in 2021? Affordability? Interest rates?39:56 Cities are going to invest in culture to keep people from moving?41:22 Does lower interest rates increase home affordability? 45:35 Baby Boomer real estate trends?49:07 Will the US mimic Japan on inflation and interest rates?
Dec 31 2020
57 mins
Data Driven Business with FRED and the St. Louis Federal Reserve #DDRE26
FRED is a data service provided by the St. Louis Federal Reserve. FRED is updated daily and allows 24/7 access to over 800,000 financial and economic data series from more than 100 public and proprietary sources. From kindergartners to economists to small business, the vast amounts of data allows us all to make more informed decisions.  This week, we welcome Yvetta Fortova, the manager of FRED and FRED-family products (ALFRED, GeoFRED) in the Research Division, where she oversees the collection, organization, and publication of data found in FRED.  We also have Maria A Arias who works on the FRED team developing and maintaining the data update process. She also helps lead FRED workshops for new and existing audiences to market new features and help users make the most of FRED. Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-2600:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast welcomes Yvetta Fortova and Maria Arias from @Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) team02:16 When was FRED launched?03:34 How many data time series are housed within FRED? 09:36 What is GeoFRED?12:03 How big is the FRED team dealing with 800,000 data series?16:20 Kindergarders use FRED?18:56 Who decides the data sets that are featured in FRED? Who are some of the data partners?33:23 How frequently is the data updated?39:40 Does access to data at FRED inspire others, like states, to do a better job curating their own data?47:45 Example of a real estate investor exploring a completely new market. What kind of data is available on things like the economy, demographics, and real estate?57:10 What is FRED working on for 2021?
Dec 24 2020
1 hr 3 mins
The Future of Real Estate Transactions with Marnie Blanco, Dotloop
Development, Product Management, Product Marketing, Training, and Support with 17 years focused in the Real Estate vertical. The real estate transaction has drastically changed and big announcements have been made in 2020. Digitizing transactions makes for a great consumer experience, helps agents get paid faster, and gives brokers and teams data-driven insights to improve business. Marnie helps us explore what this means for real estate, the problem tech giants are seeking to solve, the fear Realtors have, and how data is being used to refine the process. 00:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast welcomes Marnie Blanco with Zillow's Dotloop00:53 What is Dotloop?06:03 Why is the real estate industry so resistant to technology?08:01 What are the barriers in technology for a fully digital real estate transaction?09:49 How brokers are relying more on technology for the data and to increase efficiencies in compliance (it's not just to make the consumer happy) 12:41 What brokers are learning because of the data captured from within Dotloop17:00 What data points is Dotloop capturing?18:52 Are shifting demographics in real estate more technology demanding?21:38 Introducing partners at the right point in the transaction and how partnerships like Earnnest and Notarize drive further digitization of the real estate transaction (while decreasing fraud)23:24 The California Association of Realtors and dotloop partnership26:55 How much time can you save in doing transactions in Dotloop? Reasons why that is hard to answer and may not be the right question to ask35:27 Zillow Offer and buyer trends. Why agents need to stop worrying and get to work38:08 Strategic ways Realtors focus on differentiation and less on the transaction (hint: find a niche)38:34 Covid related real estate trends seen in the data40:42 Marnie give tips on how to adopt to the new technology and be a better data-driven business46:47 Off-market real estate and the seller's market in 2021, and trends to watch including ancillary services and vertical integration moves in real estate49:25 Virtual reality, augmented reality, and how companies like Home Depot are pushing us more online➡️ Serious about tapping into the power of PropertyRadar? 🔥Try it FREE for 3-days:  https://bit.ly/PRfreetrial🔥Schedule a FREE one-on-one demo:
Dec 17 2020
53 mins
What are public records and why are they so powerful? Sean O'Toole with PropertyRadar #ddre24
Sean O'Toole with PropertyRadar has been in the public records space, building ForeclosureRadar and then PropertyRadar, for over a decade. PropertyRadar is now national! Lots of effort has gone into building a platform that combines property, mortgage, and people data in a meaningful way that makes public records not only accessible but powerfully actionable. This week, Aaron and Sean celebrate the national launch, what are public records, real estate trends in 2021, different entrepreneurs that use PropertyRadar, and why next year will be the year of off-market real estate. Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-2400:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast welcomes Sean O'Toole01:43 PropertyRadar is now national! Sean talks about how he started PropertyRadar and what motivates him to invest in the business04:00 What is a Public Record?07:30 The role public records play in trust and freedom11:15 Are public records free? Where and how to get them.12:01 What different types of public records exist?25:31 The democratization of data and how the cost to access has changed the game27:40 Who sort of business use public records to market?37:22 What does multi-sourced, baked-off, backtested, backfilled and what does it mean to data quality. 45:11 What new fields and data are available in PropertyRadar National?45:23 What the addition of judicial foreclosure to PropertyRadar means for commercial real estate investors.48:12 This mistake marketers and small business make with list building and buying ready-made popular lists52:19 Aaron's favorite feature of PropertyRadar and how he uses it in the community54:19 Is direct mail really expensive? (hint: no, not if done correctly)57:10 What to expect in 2021?1:02:12 Why public records aren't perfect and how they can vary from state to state and county to county.
Dec 10 2020
1 hr 6 mins