Baptismal Identity | Episode 079

Redeemer Connects

Feb 7 2023 • 54 mins

Who are you? These days, we answer with a wide variety of identities. Often, we answer with our vocation (see previous episode). While that's not bad, we limit ourselves in our identity. Our vocations shift so our identity shifts. But who you are is supposed to be solid and foundational. This is why only our identity in Jesus as baptized children of God is the highest identity we can claim because it is one that has been given to us. There is nothing that can overwhelm or overtake our identity in Jesus through our baptism. God makes amazing promises to us in Baptism and He is actually working in the water and the Word.

On this episode of the Redeemer Connects podcast, join Pastors Sam and Caleb as they discuss Baptism and the identity you have in Jesus.