Episode 1: Touching Toes with Bigfoot w/ Keith (Name Redacted)

Paranormal Patio

Nov 12 2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Welcome to Season 3 of the Paranormal Patio podcast!

This is also the first ever Patreon hosted episode, one of my first patrons (Michael) was gracious enough to host the intro for this episode from HIS PATIO! Thanks Michael!

On this episode, join my good friend Keith and I as we discuss UFOs, bigfoot, and some local history from our neck of the woods. This interview contains the absolute greatest bigfoot encounter I've ever heard. Keith's story is terrifying, hilarious, and a ton of fun. Keith asked that his last name be redacted (for reasons) and, so, we won't be providing any links to his social media or anything like that (obviously).

If you tuned in to Hair-Raising Horror Week II: The Sequel, you likely heard mention of a civil war cemetery that I visited with a friend, Keith is that friend. This crazy bigfoot encounter happened just minutes away from the setting of said encounter.