Trailer: Moments To Momentum

Moments To Momentum

Aug 14 2020 • 1 min

"Moments to Momentum, with Scott Abbott" is a fun and educational, talk show video podcast - featuring inspirational interviews, with successful leaders from a wide-spectrum of demographics and vocations - that share their most meaningful situations, stories and events (i.e. “moments”), that they have experienced. Furthermore, how those big moments produced "momentum", that helps them succeed in their profession, and life. By having leaders share their most significant experiences - along with the lessons and advice learned - listeners gain their own “moments to momentum", as they enjoy and benefit from our guests’ personal experiences, insights and recommendations.

An important focus, aspect and attribute of the Moments to Momentum podcast - is identifying and discussing what Scott calls, the "bio-mechanics" to productivity, happiness and success. In other words, using these conversations to understand and appreciate, the componentry and connection between the biological elements (i.e. the mind, heart, body, soul, psychology and sociology), with the mechanical elements (i.e. the strategy, tactics, systems, structure, tools, science and engineering), that it takes to effectively set, develop, maintain and optimize consistent productivity, happiness and success: in business, work and life.

Moments to Momentum (MtM) is geared for open-minded, forward-thinking, high-achievers, of all ages and classifications - that appreciate hearing/learning from, successful leaders within business, academia, science, religion, health, government, sports, music, art and entertainment. The conversational format is authentic, informative and endearing (frankly, the more genuine and vulnerable the dialogue, the better). The show is appreciated for promoting teaching with learning, while being entertaining and instructional; candid and compassionate; considerate and constructive; challenging and empathetic; smart, but humble.
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