Episode 75: Scott Long

Moments To Momentum

Apr 27 2022 • 1 hr 38 mins

Scott Long is a top-rated corporate comedian. He has been seen on NBC, FOX-TV, and The Bob and Tom Show. After 2 decades of headlining comedy clubs across the USA, Scott now focuses his talents to perform at corporate events. Since doing so, he has built up over 100 five-star company reviews, from Seattle to Orlando. Scott’s greatest passion, is helping to raise money and awareness, for groups that work with people with developmental disabilities, by bringing his inspirational comedy show - which includes the story of learning so much from his daughter, who is on the Autism spectrum. Having performed in 46 states and 5 countries, Scott Long proves you can be a National Act, while not living on the extreme coasts!

In this fun, hilarious, and insightful episode, Scott talks about growing up in Iowa, how he got his start as a comedian, cancel culture, singing karaoke, pivoting from an edgy to clean comic, and the moment when he found out that his daughter would be born with Autism, and how she continues to make such a positive impact on his life.

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