Why Alternative PPE Matters

Rapid Fire

Jul 12 2021 • 47 mins

Listen in as Instructor Andy Starnes of Insight Training translates THL & TPP into firefighter speak, discusses why alternative matters to your health, and reviews advancements in firefighting technologies.


  • The History of THL and TPP
  • Positive Culture Changes in the Fire Service
  • The Reasons to Consider Alternative PPE
  • Cardiac Issues, Heat Stress, and Your Gear
  • Firefighting Tech Advancements


Instructor Andy Starnes of Insight Training is a lifelong student of the fire service and has been involved with the fire service as a volunteer since 1992 and as a career firefighter since 1998. He is a fire service website contributor on the topics of thermal imaging, fire behavior, leadership, modern fire terminology, and behavioral health. Andy is also the founder of Bringing Back Brotherhood, a nonprofit organization designed to guide firefighters in the areas of behavioral health and counseling.


Battalion Chief Keys
completed a total of 31 years of service, beginning as a firefighter for a high volume station in the Bronx. As a Captain and Lieutenant, he served various municipalities including Midtown Manhattan, until settling into East New York Brooklyn, where he became Battalion Chief. Within his new role he took charge of Research and Development where he learned how new innovations are tested and introduced to the fire service.

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