Hawaii POV: DJ Daniel J (2017)

Kathy with a K

Oct 6 2019 • 0 seconds

When I hear Frankie Knuckles' Whistle Song, I can remember looking up from the dance floor and it'd be DJ Daniel J grooving behind the turntables! Going to Pink Cadillac and Pink's Garage in Honolulu in the 1990's for me and friends was all about dancing and drinks and fun. Raves were rolling in and the DJ was running the room. It's the same for the younger generations and each segment of a scene has their own music genre, Go-To club etc...I sure hope it's going strong! I (formally) met Daniel J when we worked at the same radio station in the 1990's, Radio Free Hawaii. He'd been spinning music for years before that... Reach out to DJ Daniel J: https://www.lovelighthawaii.com/d/d/about-dj-daniel-j.html Reach out to Kathy With a K: about.me/KathyWithaK Weeknights from 7 to midnight on 92.3 KSSK