The Space Industry


The Space Industry by satsearch - sharing stories about the businesses taking us into orbit. We delve into the opinions and expertise of the people behind the commercial space companies of today, who could become the household names of tomorrow. Find out more about the companies and technologies discussed on this show at satsearch.com.

NewSpace, spacecraft architectures, and software-defined satellites - with ReOrbitThe modern space supply chain - with PixxelMachine learning in space - with KP LabsThe evolution of commercial human spaceflight - with Epsilon3Improving optical performance in NewSpace missions using black coatings - with ACM Coatings of AcktarEnhancing component procurement in the space sector - with Dimac RedOptimizing risk, quality, and price while procuring components for NewSpace missions - with Texas InstrumentsInnovation in the use of blockchain technology for satellite ground station services - with Sfera TechnologiesImproving space missions using software-based procedures and communications - with Epsilon3The emergence of electrothermal water-based propulsion for CubeSats - with SteamJet Space SystemsCreating deployable antennas for CubeSat missions - with Oxford Space SystemsThe evolution of testing and qualification for deployables in the NewSpace industry - with DcubeDSolving integration and operational challenges for shared and dedicated satellite missions - with EnduroSatGround Segment as a Service (GSaaS); streamlining procurement across multiple missions - with Leaf SpaceCreating a hardware and software ecosystem to bring AI-powered algorithms for autonomy into space missions - with KP LabsImplementing onboard AI processing capabilities for Earth Observation (EO) missions - with Unibap and Simera SenseLeveraging ‘Old Space’ experience to drive NewSpace progress - aka knowing when not to reinvent the wheel - with NewSpace SystemsModelling and simulation development for space system design, integration, and testing - with Redwire SpaceThe factors driving commercial demand for Earth Observation (EO) payloads - with Simera SenseExtending CubeSat LEO platforms to GEO missions - with Space Inventor