Leveraging ‘Old Space’ experience to drive NewSpace progress - aka knowing when not to reinvent the wheel - with NewSpace Systems

The Space Industry

Sep 9 2021 • 25 mins

In this episode we speak with James Barrington-Brown, CEO of NewSpace Systems - a space industry manufacturer with facilities in South Africa and the UK.

NewSpace Systems has developed a strong heritage in the modern commercial space sector with hardware and services provided to more than 60 clients, including several national agencies. But this progress is a built on a foundation of expertise in so-called ‘Old Space’ industry – by applying lessons from working on missions and services in decades past.

And that’s what we talk about in the episode, including:

  • What James thinks the terms of New and Old Space really mean
  • The importance of effective, widely used standards in the industry, and the benefits these can bring to businesses
  • The factors that need to be considered when determining the true total lifetime cost of a mission
  • How manufacturers can meet high volume requirements without sacrificing quality

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