Reign of Error

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James Dolan was born into immense privilege. He could have done anything with his life. But he chose the family business — a cable television empire that came to include ownership of the New York Knicks, one of the most beloved franchises on earth. What happened from there is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Dolan didn't just lead the Knicks to disaster (and the worst record in the NBA in the 21st Century); he also built a laboratory of shame, dysfunction, and, well, unintentional hilarity. Join host David Greene as he unpacks this trainwreck, over 5 riveting episodes, while chasing the answer to one elusive question: Why the hell won't James Dolan just sell the team?

From SmartLess Media, and Campside Media, the company behind SUSPECT and CHAMELEON: WILD BOYS. REIGN OF ERROR is the series James Dolan doesn't want you to hear. Join the resistance today, by hitting play.

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