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Welcome to the Christian Writer Success Stories Podcast with CJ and Shelley Hitz. Discover the stories of Christian writers who have taken the courageous step to write and publish their books. Be inspired by what they have learned and how God is using their words to impact lives.

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#003: A Raw Look at Life with the Unexpected with Jan Johnson
Dec 9 2022
#003: A Raw Look at Life with the Unexpected with Jan Johnson
In this episode, you will meet author, Jan Johnson, who shares about her book, I Will Enter His Gates. Jan Johnson has been writing since fourth grade when her dad published her first book, The Little Red Man, a space story. That was back in the day when we were all sure aliens lived on Mars. Jan lives on a sheep farm in Brownsmead, Oregon a mile from the Columbia River with her husband Ed. Don’t mistake living on a farm as meaning she likes animals. Well, she actually does— from a distance. She’s passionate about building relationships, meeting new people and hearing their stories. You know what they say—Love God, Love People. When she isn’t writing, starting something new, or podcasting, she catches up with her ten children who are scattered hither and yon.” Jan shares mores about her book, I Will Enter His Gates, "Yet, I must stay in the world to do battle until the Lord calls me home. This is the sacrifice I must make; to stay in the world, when I would much rather leave it. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” from Howard’s Journal At 36, Howard Rea was searching for what God had in mind for him. He knew he wanted to be sold out to his Savior. What he never expected was that the answer to his prayer lay in the diagnosis of a brain tumor that would leave him paralyzed. Surely this wasn’t how a loving God worked! How could this debilitating life allow him to be a good father to his three children and husband to his wife? How could he work? How could God use him now? Howard could no longer provide, but would God? I Will Enter His Gates wrestles with the timeless question, “Why is God allowing this to happen?” Writing with poignancy and immediacy, Jan takes you through the memoir of their lives, allowing you to travel along with Howard as you read his intimate, spiritual journal. You’ll embrace the answers Jan and Howard find and they’ll transform you as it did them. I Will Enter His Gates is written for those who are experiencing personal crisis, chronic illness, those making the uphill battle of uncertainty, those facing death or looking for answers from God inspired by His Word. You will be given hope and perspective as through the pages you see God molding Howard and Jan into understanding through His Word the hope found in who He is and knowing His ways. You can check
#002: My Writing Adventure with Teresa Mills
Nov 17 2022
#002: My Writing Adventure with Teresa Mills
In this episode, you will meet author, Teresa Mills, who shares part of her writing process. Teresa Mills is the author of the "Hey Kids! Let's Visit..." Travel Book Series for Kids! The Hey Kids! Let’s Visit series highlights fun and interesting facts and history that you don’t always get by just being in a location. Teresa's goal through her books is to help parents / grandparents who want to build the life experiences of their children / grandchildren through travel and learning activities. She is an active mother and Mimi. She and her family love traveling in the USA, and internationally too! They love exploring new places, eating cool foods, and having yet another adventure as a family! With the Mills, it's all about traveling as a family. In addition to traveling, Teresa enjoys reading, hiking, biking, and helping others. You can connect with Teresa and purchase her books here:  Teresa shares, "My writing adventure starts with a love for travel and learning. I started writing on my website to share history and fun facts about places to travel with kids! I have a passion to share my love of travel combined with my love of learning As the topic is quite broad, writing books helps to make a large topic smaller and easier to enjoy.   Writing was initially daunting to me… just another thing to learn. So I had no intention of going past working on my website and venturing into the world of writing. Through a series of “God Moments” I was introduced to the idea of writing and some specific step by step trainings in Christian Book Academy that helped pave the path for me to venture into the world of self-publishing.  I now have a plan in place that breaks down the task of writing and publishing my books without into smaller chunks that do not overwhelm. This enables me to work as few or as many hours per week that I would like to and still travel and be available to my family."