Ep 29 - Casseroles

Fresh and Uncooked

Feb 19 2022 • 40 mins

Tuna Noodle? Spaghetti Casserole? Breakfast Casserole? Jeff and Chris talk about what makes a casserole, what food is sometimes classified as a casserole but shouldn't be. What casseroles did you grow up with? What are some you still make today? Frank returns to the program to tell us about his experience with the new Fry Seasoned Chicken Tenders from Checkers/Rally's. Plus because there is always room for it, Jello came into discussion.

Special Guests
Frank! (Ep 1, Ep 12, Ep 29)

Food News: New Products and Menu Items
Albertsons and DoorDash 30 min Grocery Delivery
Zero Egg - The Plant Based Egg
Hostess Boost - Caffeinated Jumbo Donettes

What's New: Food Reviews
Frank talks about the Fry Seasoned Chicken Tenders from Checkers Rally's. Chicken Tenders that are seasoned with their fan favorite french fry seasoning! Frank is a big fan of the fries there but what did he think of the tenders???

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