The Briefing from the IP Law Blog

Weintraub Tobin

In The Briefing from the IP Law Blog, intellectual property attorneys Scott Hervey and Josh Escovedo discuss current trademark, copyright, and patent law as well as IP litigation and intellectual property in the news.
Miami Dolphins Coach Plays Defense Against Sports Psychologist’s Copyright Infringement LawsuitYouTube Removes 150 Videos from Popular AniTuber’s ChannelSupreme Court Boots Australian Boot Maker’s Appeal for Attempting to Use Ugg’s TrademarkTrouble in House of Gucci: Does the Family Have a Claim Following Release of New Film?Lord of The Rings Author’s Estate Clings to its Precious Trademark, Blocking JRR TokenSay NFT Again – I Dare You: Miramax Sues Quentin Tarantino Over Plans to Sell “Pulp Fiction” NFTCleveland Now Has Two Guardians: The Baseball Team and the Roller Derby Team Settle Their Case and Agree to Joint UseJack in the Box Pops a Spring Over Mascot Trademark DilutionDMCA: The Right to Repair and More new ExemptionsEmbed at Your Own (Copyright) Risk