#206 Tyrone Nickel from Nickel General Contracting is on the show, and he has a lot of years to share

The Construction Life

Dec 28 2021 • 1 hr 41 mins

I have known Ty for over 11 years, with his Irish background his name comes from the county Tyrone in Ireland. He’s been in construction since 1987, right out of college, always loved working with his hands, went through 2 recessions, shut down his Canadian business in 2004 to move to the USA and work there, he has dual citizenship, so you know he has seen a lot so you don’t want to miss this show. Now Ty began as a summer job with his first business, Deck Masters working in the Toronto downtown core. On his way to becoming a Police officer, life has a way changing course and Ty decided to stay with construction.

Ty is hungry, he is driven, he is always on the lookout to help and find work for himself and or for others without any kickbacks. He has 18 jobs on the go right now and he loves it, wouldn’t have it any other way. Ty has always led by example, and he keeps his jobsites all the same, job box, safety stations, note in the bathroom, wipe the seat otherwise you’re gone, he wants a tidy, organized, respectful jobsite for all trades and clients to appreciate.

The conversation shifts into all those little things that make you part of the best of GC’s out their vs being a part of the worst GC’s. Keeping your site clean, safe, extra hardhats for clients when they do arrive, there is always someone watching and that someone could be your next potential client, be aware and that will make you profitable. That extra bit of effort may save you from a fine from the local safety inspector, that’s a fact.

HGTV comes up, yes that HGTV, back in the early days of the network Ty was on a few shows, we are talking back in 1995 for 3 years and he loved it, he loved the marketing exposure he got from being on the show, I ask him, would you do it again today? Ty says no because the shows are all the same, they offer no value to the industry.

Ty shares a lot about next year and bookings and how the year is turning out for him and most, he has a saying, “don’t sweat it if you don’t get it”. One golden rule to remember during the paper process of the any project, if you give anything away for free, acknowledge it on paper, describe it in detail and add a No Charge to that line extra item, let your client know you did that for free. We wrap up the show discussing Ty’s days in commercial work and the many lessons he learned from those years of work.

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