#64 Jim Caruk - The Godfather of Construction nearly 50 years of experience to share Part I

The Construction Life

Apr 15 2020 • 1 hr 30 mins

We have Jim Caruk, the man, legend, the Godfather of Construction on the show and he has nearly 50 years of experience to share with us. So much talk we had to split the show into two parts, Corleone would be so proud.

Starting his career in construction right out of high school with a major in trades, sheet metal, Jim went right into Union work, the year was 1973. He did the sheet metal work for 15 years, worked hard, learned a lot about the business and people, made an enemy or two along the way, then decided to go on his own. Began a two-man renovation business and went right into the work for the love of it. Started with small renos, then came an addition with no access to the back, so Jim suggested go underneath the home, they did. Turned out, that particular reno was for a TV producer and with a camera following Jim the hit show Real Renos was born, that was the early 2000’s and went on for 8 years. Jim had one request with the show, whatever happened, happened, it doesn’t get changed, and that went both ways, the clients can say whatever they want and so could he, and he did. That is what made it real compared to what is currently on TV today.

Jim has had his fair share of issues with the Ministry of Labour and he brings up a few of the good ones, mixed in with Inspectors arriving on site. Jim gets right into what makes a good contractor, what makes a successful renovation company, yes there are bad clients and there are great ones that have hired him several times. Of course Jim has lost money on projects, walked away from projects but he has always stayed loyal to the construction and his passion, and building.

Lastly on this first part, Jim tells us why homes are so expensive today. He shares how clients know how to screw contractors over. Why he is well respected by his crew that have been with him for 2 decades or more and by the new guys.

A massive thank you to Jim for spending the 3 plus hours with us talking construction. Really appreciate your time.

Find Jim at www.carukhall.com



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