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Bridget Covill is a certified life coach and a sober mom sharing tangible tools that have transformed her life and her relationships. She has helped countless women around the world to experience the same. In this space, we will learn holistic coaching tools in the context of everyday moments that we deem hard. Instead of allowing those experiences to keep us stuck, we will lean into their lessons and let them wake us up. Grab a cup of coffee, have something to take notes, and keep an open mind. It's time....it's time to WAKE UP & THRIVE.

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Ep 22- Growing Your Intuition
Ep 22- Growing Your IntuitionEp21 ~ How to have Hard ConversationsEp20- Mother's Day Tribute
I am so excited to bring this special episode today. This is a tribute to my mamma and to our relationship. It is one that I think many of you will be able to relate to with an ending that many hope for. My mom and I have such an amazing relationship today but it wasn't always that way. I was her challenging child because I challenged EVERYTHING, which I now see as one of my gifts:) I am so grateful that our relationship didn't stay challenging. It grew and morphed as we both did our own work into now one of my most prized relationships. She is my mentor and one of my best friends. I know this story will bring hope, tears, and maybe even some laughter to your heart. Our journeys as imperfect moms are perfect, whole, but not yet complete. Our journey is part of our children's and one doesn't work without the other. So, embrace it, lean in, and just keep SHOWING UP!If you struggle in your relationship with your mom I want you to know that you do not have to settle for your current experience. Forgiveness, growth, and restoration is available to all of us no matter what your circumstance is. If you want support around creating a different experience with your mom, your mother-in law, or another motherly figure in your life I would love to support you around this.These tools that I have learned and now teach have changed so much of my relationship with my own mom, as well as my clients' and their moms. Some of my favorite changes include:The ability to give honest feedback without getting offended. Letting the other person have their own experience without trying to change it.Forgiving faster and loving harderShowing up authentically and having honest conversations. Feeling safe enough to truly be ourselves.If you want this, let me show you some steps to take today to start down this path.Schedule a free discovery call here for you and your relationship with your mom.SCHEDULE IT HERE
May 9 2022
16 mins
Ep-19 How to Move out of Judgement and into Love for Other People.
May 2 2022
20 mins
EP 18- Living from Overflow with Brandi FanoEp17 - Two Commitments You Must Make if You Really Want to Experience ChangeEpisode 16- What is a Coaches Role?Episode 15- How to Feel Less OverwhelmedEpisode 14~ Mindfulness and Motherhood with Katy RexingEpisode 13 ~ Our Kids Are Our Greatest MirrorsEpisode 12- My Sobriety Journey ~ Why I chose sobriety and how I maintain it todayEpisode 11- How to maintain connection over control in our relationships with our kids.
As moms, the last thing we want in this world is for our babies to experience pain or struggle, right? It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we can somehow control their experience if we just do or say all the right things as their mom. This might look like signing them up for all the activities, so they have opportunities for robust future, making sure they are getting perfect grades, eating all organic and non- processed foods, limiting their screen time, or pushing them to be the best version of themselves.None of these actions are wrong. In fact, experts in the field of parenting would argue these are all right. My point is that it is not about what is right or wrong. It is about your relationship with your child, and sometimes this means tuning out the experts and tuning into what is really at the heart of the need to control. There is a line that can be crossed if we aren't careful. When our need and desire to control comes at the expense of connecting with them, this is simply a reminder and an invitation to us to let go and surrender in some areas. Our role as their mom is not to control their experience; it is simply to be a part of it.     1.) Because first of all this is not even possible. Even if we said and did all the right things, our child may still have a terrible experience.     2.) And also, it frees us from all the added pressure to be a perfect mom and raise a perfect child. When we follow 3 simple steps to overcome our desire to control our kids, we are left with simply getting to love and enjoy them!If this episode is resonating, come connect on Instagram and let me know. My handle is @bridgetcovill. You can also email me at bridget@thinkandthrivecoaching,com if you want to ask more questions about a specific struggle you are experiencing. As always, I am so honored to share this space with you, and I look forward to connecting furthur
Mar 7 2022
16 mins
BONUS EPISODE: Meditation for MammasEpisode 10- How to Create a Meditation Practice as a Busy Mom
Meditation is one of many tools that can help you live more awake, more conscious, more present, and more intentional. My personal journey of meditation is so relatable especially as a busy mom. I don't have 30-45 minutes to sit in silence, and I am by nature not somebody that likes to sit still.  If I can practice meditation, so can you.  I want to define meditation and look specifically at the most common reasons people resist trying this practice. I am not an expert guru on meditation, but I am a mom who lives a busy life and wanted to learn how to slow down and be in control of my thoughts and my emotions. Meditation has helped me to do just that AND so much more. If you are a mom who struggles to get out of your head or are constantly over analyzing everything and everyone around you. Maybe you feel rushed and overwhelmed most of the time. Then meditation might be a simple and free practice you can start incorporating into your day, and watch your life transform by learning to be present for the small moments.  If you have not done so already, grab my free guide "Make More Time for Mom", and learn how to actually create the time to practice tools like meditation or really whatever you have a desire to do. Click here and get it delivered to your inbox today. I also am hosting a free masterclass with my friend Katie Austin, a social worker and mindfulness parenting expert. We are going to show you how to not just incorporate meditation into your busy life but give you practical tools to use during the day to embody mindfulness; to live more aware and more present. Register here and join us this Thursday, March 3rd at 8:30 pm EST.
Feb 28 2022
19 mins
Episode 9- How to move through emotions in a non destructive wayEpisode 8- How to navigate sobriety and self-growth as a coupleEpisode 7- Making time to create a life you loveEpisode 6 - How to create balance in your life as a momEpisode 5 - How to manage your experience when plans change
We have all become experts this last year in managing life when plans change.  I hesitate to even make plans these days, because of the anxiety I feel knowing my pending plans will most likely change. I want to empower you to not just manage the actual details of the change, but actually control your experience of the change. Plans changing, due to sickness, weather, power outages, etc. really only cause as much overwhelm and stress as you THINK it does. Our thoughts can sustain us or derail us during a change in plans. I am going to show you how to get out of the 'shoulda, coulda, woulda' stories.  I believe there are some really important steps to practice when our plans change, and the first two might surprise you. And I know, just because of the state of the world, we all will get lots of practice.  Grab a notepad to take some notes, and let's dive in to 4 steps on how to Manage your experience when plans change with more control and compassion for yourself and others. Yes, plans changing can be a challenge, but it does not have to change YOU and who you are being in the present moment. If you are walking through change in your life, big or small, sometimes it can feel like everything is stacked against you. I love walking beside moms and helping them navigate moments or seasons of change. If you want support and guidance along your journey, click the link below and set up a FREE discovery call today. Let's discover what it is that you actually want to be experiencing, and what has been stopping you. Whether we decide to work together or not, I guarantee you will walk away from the call with at least one action step you can start applying to your life right now!
Jan 24 2022
18 mins
Episode 4- How to just get started.