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SEO & How to Take Advantage of Someone Else’s R&D: Product-Led Growth Guest Appearance
Apr 21 2022
SEO & How to Take Advantage of Someone Else’s R&D: Product-Led Growth Guest Appearance
Brandon Leibowitz runs and operates SEO Optimizers, a digital company that helps small to medium-sized businesses in getting more online traffic and converting them into clients, sales, leads and more. He has the experience and knowledge to help people build their websites by performing SEO (search engine optimization). In today’s chat, Brandon will discuss how to take advantage of someone else’s R & D, optimizing your search engine and branding your company’s website to keep up with the trends. Show Notes[4:09] Think about branding yourself and building trust with people that are coming to your website [4:30] What are the business lessons that he’s learned throughout the years?[5:50] How exactly does he optimize his SEO?[9:32] The importance of text content[12:14] You have to optimize your website for Google, but you also have to optimize it for people[12:49] How does he exactly bump up his conversion rate?[18:49] Quality backlinks are from relevant websites[19:50] The more significant the website, the more values are they going to pass on[21:18] Key takeaways that he would like to give out to the listeners[21:27] On adding good content to your category pages and the importance of making a good site structure[23:15] To achieve optimization, fix your website and your conversion ratesThis is a guest appearance on the show