Operational Resilience Insights: Martin Bilderbeck & Bill Newman

Automotive Insiders Presented By OESA

Oct 5 2021 • 1 hr

Automotive Insiders is presented by OESA, the Original Equipment Suppliers Association. Industry experts discuss Automotive hot topics to keep the Automotive Supplier Community up to date on the fast-changing mobility landscape. From post-pandemic manufacturing restart planning and worker safety measures, to legal issues and supply chain disruptions, Automotive Insiders is your source of timely and relevant content. Host Bonnie D. Graham welcomes Martin Bilderbeck, Director of Business Development in the Automotive Sector at Capgemini North America, and Bill Newman, North America Executive Industry Advisor / Chief at SAP. Today, 18 months into the global pandemic, what is changing and what is remaining the same as automotive companies look to improve operational resilience? As automotive suppliers worked through the COVID-19 recession, key processes and operating models once believed to be elective had become essential to create go-forward business resilience. Martin and Bill explore the evolution to electric vehicles, ongoing supply chain stressors and disruptions, and harnessing the power of data to become an intelligent industry. For information about upcoming OESA events, visit OESA.org. To hear industry insights on previous OESA podcasts: Automotive Insiders.