Help Wanted: Why Mexico Is the Answer – JP McDaris, Entrada Group

Automotive Insiders Presented By OESA

Dec 14 2021 • 1 hr

Automotive Insiders is presented by OESA, the Original Equipment Suppliers Association. Industry experts discuss Automotive hot topics to keep the Automotive Supplier Community up to date on the fast-changing mobility landscape. From post-pandemic manufacturing restart planning and worker safety measures, to legal issues and supply chain disruptions, Automotive Insiders is your source of timely and relevant content. Host Bonnie D. Graham welcomes JP McDaris, Director of Business Development at Entrada Group. JP McDaris observes that while American and European automotive manufacturers and suppliers are having a hard time finding labor, “in Mexico, there is no shortage of labor, as long as you know where to look.” His reasons: The median age of Mexico population’s is 29, while the U.S. median age is 38. In Mexico, manufacturing is a sought-after, desirable profession, which young people learn and aspire to join. Entrada Group and its campus locations have been able to attract and retain labor, including skilled labor, to meet the growing needs of manufacturers that supply the automotive sector. JP McDaris predicts Mexico will become the close-to-home labor solution for not just automotive manufacturers in the US and Europe, but other industries as well. Listen to the full conversation for more insights from JP McDaris. More info: