Automotive Workforce & Transition to EVs with QAD's Tom Roberts

Automotive Insiders Presented By OESA

Oct 26 2021 • 1 hr

Automotive Insiders is presented by OESA, the Original Equipment Suppliers Association. Industry experts discuss Automotive hot topics to keep the Automotive Supplier Community up to date on the fast-changing mobility landscape. From post-pandemic manufacturing restart planning and worker safety measures, to legal issues and supply chain disruptions, Automotive Insiders is your source of timely and relevant content. Host Bonnie D. Graham welcomes Tom Roberts, Vice President, Automotive and Mobility at QAD. Mr. Roberts quotes Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius, who spoke in May 2021 about the challenge of speeding up the transition to electric vehicles: “We have to have an honest conversation about jobs…Everyone knows it takes more labour hours to assemble and build a combustion-based powertrain compared to an electric powertrain.” Tom noted that with a continuously contracting powertrain parts industry, companies will require parallel cuts in GA, which will squeeze corporate budgets for HR, IT, and other central functions. “Automotive is already finding it difficult to staff the jobs they have now and will not be able to increase wages to staff open positions. Companies must move toward simplification and standardization of processes and also must move toward IT automation to survive.” Discussing the chip shortage, Tom Roberts observed the challenge for OEMs building cars without the chips and parking them in big lots: “When they receive the chips, how will they then install the chips in those parked vehicles?” Listen to the full conversation and learn more from Tom Roberts. For information about OESA events, visit To hear industry insights on previous OESA podcasts: Automotive Insiders.