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Automotive Insiders Presented By OESA

Dec 16 2021 • 1 hr

Automotive Insiders is presented by OESA, the Original Equipment Suppliers Association. Industry experts discuss Automotive hot topics to keep the Automotive Supplier Community up to date on the fast-changing mobility landscape. From post-pandemic manufacturing restart planning and worker safety measures, to legal issues and supply chain disruptions, Automotive Insiders is your source of timely and relevant content. Host Bonnie D. Graham welcomes Sara Carlson, a Partner and Executive within the IBM Consulting Global Digital Commerce Practice, and Tom Madonna, Industry Executive Advisor for Automotive at SAP. Sara and Tom discuss how, as OEMs transform into Mobility companies, their business models will change and the total available market will grow tenfold as the focus shifts to price per mile from price per vehicle. To compete in this new environment, OEMs will need to provide differentiated consumer experiences, with services and vehicles enabled by convenient commerce with a higher number of transactions. And as fleet offerings evolve to include Autonomous and Electric Vehicles, they will provide fleet operators a new set of services – predictive maintenance, connected services, EV charging services, autonomous uptime services, and an ecosystem of 3rd party services. By 2030, these new service revenues are predicted to grow by 75%, helping to capture a 40% increase in revenue overall. Sara and Tom also explore this question: With customers’ buying habits, methods, and expectations ever-changing, are the OEMs, dealerships, and retailers ready for this change? Listen on-demand to hear the full conversation with Sara Carlson and Tom Madonna. More info: