Kerri Smith of Crossroads Games Excels at Horror

How Not to DM

5d ago • 35 mins

Kerri, DM for Crossroads Games, can always be found hard at work on her next creative TTRPG stream! She specializes in running lots of different games, types of adventures, and stories! Kerri has a flair for horror and suspense, even through a streamed game medium.  Guest Links (Kerri's Linktree) How Not to DM Links (How Not to DM Linktree) Sponsor Links ( and ( Affiliate Links (Hero Forge) (Adventure Dice - Use Code HN2DM for 10% off!) (DM's Guild) (DriveThru RPG) Intro and Outro by Danijel Zambo, Quickfire Chaos Intro by Exekat - from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): (Intro) License code: V6S3IIRCDBKZA04H (Outro) License code: E6HIMIAQP22TUA1X (Quickfire Chaos Intro) License code: 4KHRVTG25QD01LNT Quickfire Chaos Ambience: (Arcane Anthems) Support Danijel Zambo: (Bandcamp) (Soundcloud) (Spotify)