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Imagine a world where every corner holds a dark secret and every episode is a thrilling ride through the most bewildering murder mysteries. Welcome to "Murder Weekly," a podcast that entices your inner detective, immersing you in a vividly crafted crime scene where the stakes are high and the clues are hidden in plain sight. Each week, delve into a new, spine-tingling case that challenges your wits and beckons you to uncover the truth. As the suspense thickens, piece together the puzzle of the unfathomable – who is the culprit? Tune in, listen closely, and solve the enigma before the credits roll. Some episodes may parody familiar tropes.

Dive into the darkest depths of the human psyche with our gripping podcast series that caters to every true crime junkie's insatiable appetite
Join us as we unravel the chilling details behind some notorious and morbid murders. .

Whether you're a seasoned true crime enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, prepare to be enthralled by the macabre allure of Murder Weekly. Follow now and maybe one of these stories will be your favorite murder.
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The Icy Heart of Chicago - a Millennium Park Murder
Dec 18 2023
The Icy Heart of Chicago - a Millennium Park Murder
Ready to be gripped by a chilling tale of mystery and deceit? How about stepping into the shoes of a relentless journalist, Ava Martinez, as she digs into a mind-boggling murder that took place at Chicago's Millennium Park during the festive season? Yes, this episode is guaranteed to keep you on edge, as we follow Ava through a maze of suspects, motives, and hidden secrets. From the betrayed ex-girlfriend, Jenna, to the envious business rival, Mark, and the accusing colleague, Lisa, we'll uncover a web of intricate relationships and grudges centered around the victim, Eric Thompson. It's not just about identifying the killer; our story takes a deeper look at the complexities of the human psyche, revealing how easily festivity can mask darker emotions.Feel the tension rise as Ava discovers threatening emails to Eric, suggesting a premeditated crime. Witness the suspense unfold as Lisa's guarded demeanor and her attempts to deflect suspicion only deepen the mystery. Who's the actual perpetrator of the heinous crime? Brace yourselves as we bring you Lisa's shocking confession, a turn of events that exposes the hidden ice-cold heart of the jovial holiday season.This episode promises more than just a thrilling whodunit; it's a stark commentary on the duality of human nature and the deceptive appearances we often project. Join us for a captivating journey that's sure to leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about holiday cheer.