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A Medical show for non-medical people, about history, comedy, travel and all the ways we find medicine wonderful, hosted by Doctors J and Santhosh

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827 Paleopathology-Can you Dig it?
827 Paleopathology-Can you Dig it?826 Journal CLub-Pandemic Update
2d ago
50 mins
825: Ancient Mesopotamia-Gilgamed and RNkidu824 Journal Club- Medical Sayings?823: Pain in the back-barking up the wrong physia-tree822 Medical Furniture- Bed-er luck tomorrow821 Journal CLub- Spring Forward, Science Backed819 Performance Enhancing Drugs-Doping for the gold818 Journal Club-sweet, citrusy robot science817 Valentine Special-Amor Impossible816 Gland Larceny815 Pop-Up Medicine- Friday I'm in Love814 Journal Club Pandemic Update813 Venom: Let there be Bandage812-Journal Club-Enter the Matrix811- Christmas Special- Milk and Cookies810 EMG, omg, Analgia, PhysiatryTMP CLassics: Stocking Stuffers- What the Dickens?809 Horror Autotoxicus- A history of autoimmunity and rheumatology808- What's in YOUR medicine cabinet?