The History of Christmas (Part 1)

B.Boomer Unleashed

Dec 9 2019 • 29 mins

Episode 50 of B.Boomer Unleashed, "The History of Christmas (Part 1)" covers the history of the Holiday throughout the ages and how it has changed over the years. Hopefully, you will glean some little known facts about Christmas and why we celebrate it today. We'll also take a look at popular Christmas toys from 1900 - 2019. Next week we'll take a trip down Memory Lane with my two adult children, Cassie and Andy as we discuss some fond and not so fond Christmas memories, as we encourage you to create some memories of your own. In the last episode of this three-part series, we'll go back to the story of Jesus' birth as told in the Bible and fast forward to 2019 to see how Jesus is almost completely left out of the celebration. We encourage you to listen to these episodes, and all the episodes of B.Boomer Unleashed. Drop us an email at with your comments and suggestions for future episodes. Have a great week, and may God bless each and every one of you.