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Marianna Cacciatore

Today’s news is filled with stories that break our hearts. On Bread for the Journey Radio, you’ll hear stories that help mend it back together. Join Marianna Cacciatore as she interviews ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things, often small and always meaningful, to make our world a better place. Some, like Marianna, have suffered a tragedy, and, as a result, have created something beautiful to bring others healing. Others are helping women in crisis, making life better for children living in poverty, greening their neighborhood, or any number of creative things that make their community more beautiful, healthy, and connected. These women, men and young people inspire us to think about our own lives, and what we can do to make a difference in the world. Their stories become Bread for our Journey, inspiration and nourishment for a life well lived. read less


The Inspired Heart ~ An Interview with Artist Jerry Wennstrom
Jun 7 2014
The Inspired Heart ~ An Interview with Artist Jerry Wennstrom
“In 1979, I destroyed all the art I had created, gave everything I owned away, and began a new life…The new life that I gave myself to required unconditional trust and noninterference. I asked for nothing from any human being. I needed to know if there was a God, and I risked my life to find that out….I ate when I had food and I fasted when I did not. I accepted whatever came into my life. It was that simple.” This excerpt from Jerry Wennstrom’s book, The Inspired Heart, with an Introduction by Thomas Moore, describes how Jerry began a new life. His experiences have shaped him in profound ways and informed how Jerry has continued to live these many years. He and his wife Marilyn Strong have been friends of mine since the early 1990’s. I have stayed with them at their home on Whidbey Island several times and spent many satisfying hours in unhurried conversation about the deeper currents of life. Join us for this engaging interview where we will trust the natural current of our conversation to take us where it wants to go, spending an hour with you the way Jerry lives his life. Please take a moment to read his biography below and follow any of the links. I promise you will walk away with an inspired heart. On another note, Bread for the Journey's June Fundraising Campaign is in full swing. Please follow the link to our website and make a donation. You are the reason we exist and, as such, we cannot do our work without you. Your gift means more than you may ever know. Thank you.
What Would Love Do?  An Interview with Jane Brunette
May 3 2014
What Would Love Do? An Interview with Jane Brunette
The Dayak Benuaq people of Muara Tae in Borneo are losing their forest to palm oil. Western-style negotiations have failed them. With the bulldozers poised to take what little remains of their 140 million year-old ancestral rainforest, tribal elders say their best hope is to hold a ceremony that since ancient times has been used to resolve difficult disputes with great power. Because we rely on the rainforest for our oxygen, tribal leaders are inviting us to join them in this ancient vow ceremony (called Sumpah Adat) to protect their forest. We don’t have to travel to Borneo to participate. This ceremonial method of conflict resolution taps into the heart and the big picture, where we examine our part in the conflict, reconnect to our true values and recommit to our original purpose as humans — to nurture the health and balance of the earth. The ceremony will address tensions with neighboring villages over disputed land by creating an opportunity to inquire deeply, celebrate and feast together. The tribe will also invite company and government officials to join in this process of remembering the long view that includes the duty of humans to each other and to the earth. Our participation, and joint intention, will add power to the ceremony by extending it across the globe, help avert violence and, with great hope, change some minds and hearts so that the remaining forest can be preserved. Join me for an interview with author Jane Brunette, a committed, heartful, passionate woman who is helping the Dayak Benuaq people reach out to us—the family of the earth—with their invitation.
Bouncing Back: An Interview with Linda Graham, MFT
Mar 15 2014
Bouncing Back: An Interview with Linda Graham, MFT
Resilience is the ability to face and handle life’s challenges. We all respond differently when hard stuff arises, and some things are easier than others. But in the past decade, brain science has uncovered “neuroplasticity.” What we thought was hardwired can be rewired. This is a game-changer when it comes to resilience and Linda Graham has literally written the book on Bouncing Back. This book offers more than 80 practices that that help us rewire our brain and recover our innate capacities to cope–focusing on calm, compassion, clarity, connections to resources, competence and courage. Furthermore, it explores the science of emotions like kindness, generosity, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and love, clarifying how they actually strengthen capacities like optimism, creativity and resilience. As it turns out, resilience is an outcome of practicing generosity—the focus of Bread for the Journey’s work. I have been exploring Linda’s exercises this week, and I’m impressed with their range—spanning from beginning to advanced. In other words, no matter what you are currently doing to manage difficult circumstances, the practices in Bouncing Back can take you to the next level. And because of neuroplasticity, the practices have a lasting effect that can change our lives forever. Linda has been applying these exercises with clients for many years and has a style of teaching that is easy to understand and is very inspirational. Please join us for this enlightening interview!