The Robert J. Morgan Podcast

Robert J. Morgan

Is your understanding of the Bible weak or fragmented? Do you understand and appreciate the heritage Christians have because of the Bible? The Bible can be intimidating with its 66 books written over thousands of years, just like the rich heritage born from its pages. How can we understand Scripture as a whole as well as its parts? How do we know it can be trusted? How has it changed the world? Become a listener, and you can expect to gain a grasp on Scripture better than ever. Best-selling author and Bible-teaching pastor of over 40 years Robert J. Morgan has spent a lifetime educating and energizing Christians with his easy-to-understand books, sermons, lessons, and stories. Robert J. Morgan helps people gain a grasp on the Bible as a whole and each of its 66 books, their chapters, and verses by exploring and explaining historical context and by incorporating masterful stories and illustrations along with practical application. You'll be inspired to let the Bible change your everyday life. You can also expect to grow in your understanding and appreciation of Christian heritage. Robert J. Morgan has written multiple volumes on stories behind the great Christian Hymns. Alongside these, his other volumes tell stories from church history related to key figures, dates, and great Biblical passages. He's also the author of 100 Bible Verses that Made America, which is a Biblical "tour" through American History. Whether you want to better understand the Bible, its impact on history, or its implications in your life, the Robert J. Morgan podcast is for you. read less
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