Overcoming stress within the construction industry - with Kate Stuckey

Garry's Shortlist

Jun 22 2021 • 26 mins

Stress within the construction industry is a huge issue. Long working hours, not getting enough sleep and making poor food choices are some of the many things that can contribute towards this stress.

In today's episode, Kate Stuckey (Owner of My Eating Coach) and I dive deep into what impacts stress, the key signs to look out for and how to reduce stress by implementing minor changes in your life. Kate’s skills and knowledge have been known to change people’s bad habits, allowing them to live and work better.

Having a weekly plan in place is a strategy I use that really helps me reduce my levels of stress at work and I encourage every person in construction to do the same - it will really help in the long run.

Tune in for the full episode here on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/4nCcd2krKTPoeJ5SrzgTEO (now also available on Apple podcasts) and join in on the conversation with us!