Tackling open conversations and ‘speaking-up’ about safety - with Patrizia Cassaniti

Garry's Shortlist

Aug 19 2021 • 28 mins

Patrizia Cassaniti is on a mission to tackle open conversations and ‘speaking-up’ about safety.

Why? Because when mistakes happen, they can have really serious consequences.

Patrizia's goal is to shift the mindset around approaching safety on sites. She wants to encourage construction workers to feel empowered about speaking out about unsafe work environments, and for Project Managers to engage in conversation with their workers, rather than talking to them about safety without dialogue.

Since the tragic loss of her son Christopher in 2019 in a scaffolding accident,  Patrizia founded the Touched by Christopher Foundation and her company Let's Talk About Safety Australia. Through Let's Talk About Safety, Patrizia delivers keynote talks on job sites to help change the culture around risk and safety in construction. It's so incredible to watch the impact she is making on the industry at large.

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