Find your dream job with LinkedIn - With best-selling Author, Jeremy Schifeling

Garry's Shortlist

Jun 27 2022 • 28 mins

LinkedIn may seem daunting as a first-time user  Before giving up, check out these stats from LinkedIn (2022) …

• 6 people are hired every minute on LinkedIn
• Businesses saw 34% revenue growth in Q3 FY22
• The platform has over 830 million users worldwide

Clearly, the time is NOW to harness this powerful networking tool.

On my podcast, Garry’s Shortlist, I chat with Jeremy Schifeling - Director of Consumer and Product Marketing at Khan Academy.

Jeremy is a technology marketing leader with a passion for EdTech and career development. His recent novel ‘Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Land Your Dream Job. Own Your Future’ aims to provide job-seekers with the ultimate guide to mastering the networking platform.

Will your profile appeal to recruiters?

Does it matter how many connections you have?

Where do you even get started?

Tune in to hear what LinkedIn expert Jeremy has to say

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