A new, positive approach to risk & reward management with James Kell

Garry's Shortlist

May 21 2021 • 28 mins

The second episode of Garry’s Shortlist is here

My guest today is James Kell, former Managing Director of Kell & Rigby Builders. I had a fantastic experience at Kell & Rigby where I worked alongside James as a Group Safety Environmental Manager for 4 years.

One of the most memorable projects we’ve worked on together was building the first Apple store in Australia. From the great culture on site to the innovative approach to risk and reward management, the Apple project turned out to be one of the best opportunities for the whole team at Kell & Rigby.

Safety in the construction industry has always had a very punitive approach, putting a constant negative pressure on company culture. If you do something wrong, you get punished with either a notice or a financial warning. That’s why during the Apple project, we trialled a new approach based on positive psychology to reward positive behaviours rather than to focus on the negative.

I hope you enjoy the second episode of Garry's Shortlist :)