Lazurite: The Medical Device Company Turning the OR Wireless (219)


May 30 2022 • 38 mins

In a wide ranging discussion, with Lazurite Co-Founder/CEO Eugene Malinskiy, we learn more about the origins of the company, it's current status, and get a glimpse into where its headed.

For Lazurite’s inaugural device, the necessity of safety served as the mother of invention. While observing a surgery in 2015, CEO and Cofounder Eugene Malinskiy watched helplessly as a physician’s assistant tripped and fell over cables connected to the surgical tower. The accident drew Eugene’s attention to two cables in particular: the light and power cables that connected at one end to the surgical tower, snaked across the patient into the sterile field, and connected at the other end to the
surgical camera.

The ArthroFree wireless surgical camera system allows surgeons to perform wireless
arthroscopic/endoscopic surgery freeing them from the cables of traditional wired camera systems. The novel Meridian light engine, wireless technology and light weight rechargeable battery are the innovative IP that makes the ArthroFree system possible. The beam from a cold laser directed at a volumetric phosphorus disk emits a bright cool light. An encrypted wireless technology communicates solely between the ArthroFree camera antenna and receiver with no interference to any other OR equipment.