Top 5 Things You Should Know To Boost Your Healthcare Practice with a Cash-Pay Model with Dr Prudhvi Karumanchi Ep 39

Provider's Edge | Peak Performance Guide for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Feb 23 2023 • 34 mins

Are you considering a shift from integrated medicine to concierge medicine? Today we will reveal the top 5 things you should know to boost your Healthcare Practice to a cash-pay model. In this episode, Prudhvi Rajan Karumanchi M.D., M.P.H. at shares: Why is communication so important in running a successful healthcare business? What is integrated medicine? How energy healing and yoga meditation can help patients to improve their health? How come being a role model to your clients so important? How to leverage digital marketing to connect with your patients and improve compliance? Listen 🔊to this episode now and Subscribe 🔔 to the Provider’s Edge to never miss an episode❗ 🎧  🎧 Stay Tuned, Stay Successful! To connect with Dr Karumanchi, visit: We love to hear your feedback. Send me your stories or questions here: We are here to support you, so let us know how we can further uplevel your success!