Financial Freedom for Founders: Expanding Beyond Traditional Funding with Ben Utley, Ep 104

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May 22 2024 • 30 mins

🎙️ Just wrapped up an enlightening episode on "Financial Freedom for Founders: Expanding Beyond Traditional Funding." It's a crucial topic for every healthcare tech founder aiming for sustainable growth.

Here's a glimpse into what we covered:

1🔍 Broadening Your Funding Horizons: Discover why moving beyond traditional venture capital to options like strategic partnerships and crowd-sourced funding can offer more freedom and flexibility.

2🛠️ The Strategic Role of Advisory Boards: Learn how advisory boards provide not just advice but strategic foresight and essential industry connections that can propel your startup forward.

3🚀 Building Financial Resilience: Understand the importance of creating a robust business model that prepares you for long-term success and helps withstand market shifts.

4💼 Holistic Financial Strategies with PulsePoint Path: We dig into how our tailored financial assessments and the Jumpstart program can guide you through the complexities of scaling up your business effectively.

This episode is a treasure trove for founders looking to break free from conventional funding constraints and steer their ventures towards a thriving future.

Tune in, join the conversation, and let’s explore What strategies have you implemented to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare tech funding?

Episode Timeline:

00:03:03 - Passion for supporting women leaders in healthcare

00:05:42 - Balancing professional demands with personal joy and fulfillment

00:07:36 - Creating Space for Joy and Resilience

00:11:09 -  How rest and relaxation can lead to better financial and personal decisions

00:14:38 - Broader focus and engaging in a variety of approaches to enhance overall quality of life.

00:18:38 - Understanding one's role within a business or organization

00:20:57 - Challenges in Technology Adoption in Healthcare

00:24:13 - Significance of patience, empathy, and strategic approach

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